Subrogation Recovery Practice Group

Fleischner Potash evaluates, investigates and litigates subrogation recovery claims throughout the United States. Fleischner Potash has the resources and experience to pursue subrogation claims aggressively and expeditiously, to understand complex causation issues and to craft nuanced theories of recovery. 

Our clients entrust their subrogation recoveries to Fleischner Potash because of our attorneys’ proven success in finding liability and insurance and/or assets for payment of the recoveries and pursuing recovery through pre-suit claims or alternative dispute procedures before filing suit.  If suit is filed, our attorneys diligently and doggedly litigate the issues and present the case at trial. 

We believe that successful recovery requires prompt and accurate investigations and preservation of evidence and encourage our clients to retain us early in a claim process.      

For more information about the Fleischner Potash Subrogation Recovery Practice Group or to assign a matter to the firm, please contact:

Subrogation Recovery Practice Group Leader

Evan A. Richman