COVID-19 Message

During these uncertain times with constantly evolving coronavirus concerns and unprecedented impact on our way of living, including the impact on our Court systems,  Fleischner Potash remains committed to and capable of protecting and addressing our clients’ present and future needs.

Our multi-office infrastructure and our investment in technology allow us to maintain normal operations, with social distancing. All FP attorneys and primary legal support staff have secure remote access to our operating systems and databases, which allow for complete access to our files as well as to all online court databases.   Further, we are able to and have been engaging in online video client conferences, mediations, arbitrations and court appearances, as well as depositions.

The impact of the Coronavirus on each of us and society has been changing by the day.  We have a team of seasoned coverage attorneys dedicated to staying on top of these changes, including the novel theories being put forth by first party and third party claimants and the new laws, regulations and directives being put forth by the States’ Legislatures and Insurance Departments.  This team is continuously providing updates, analysis and advice to our clients on these novel theories and laws, regulations and directives.

In addition, our attorneys’ multi-disciplinary skill sets stand ready to guide and counsel our clients on Coronavirus related contract disputes, business interruption plans, coverage disputes, as well as professional liability, medical malpractice, general liability and toxic tort claims that have arisen and will arise in the future.

We also continue to service our clients for all other matters for which the contact Partners are: